>eCommerce, what eCommerce?


I was chatting to a Ben Pike today, he works at one of our clients. He mentioned that their customers rarely ask about eCommerce!

I found this a little surprising, but then I suppose people are just not used to buying their training from a fully fledged eCommerce system.

Most people who buy over the Internet must have bought airline tickets from people like EasyJet et al, or books from Amazon.

So why not training courses?

This is just a small set of the features that you can expect:

  • Search the catalogue and book online, and I don’t mean fill in a form and it will be emailed in. I mean make a real booking, just like you would if you booked a seat with EasyJet.
  • Transfer and cancel your bookings – again, I mean for real.
  • Report on your spend. Yes, find out where your budget has gone.

These are just the basics, wait till you get into employee self registration and reporting across multiple training suppliers.

Quanta Training are an excellent example: http://www.quanta.co.uk

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