Is SCORM doomed?


We’ve recently been asked by a client to provide a blended solution for a project – so I’ve been investigating the best options to support eLearning.

That’s when I came across this interesting discussion (the fourth entry from greg is the meat of the discussion) about why the open source LMS ATutor doesn’t support the SCORM run time environment (although it will import SCORM content).

It turns out that the recent accessibility legislation (WCAG) states that if JavaScript is used in an application then the application must also work with it turned off – something that SCORM cannot do. JavaScript is the key component that SCORM content uses for navigation and communication with the LMS.

The discussion also states that the SCORM specification cannot drop JavaScript support as that would render existing content obsolete.

If the navigation and sequencing of the content was removed from JavaScript, and into a portable XML format, then it would also make the exchanging of content much easier – something that I’m not so sure the large LMS vendors want to do.

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