The Enterprise Study Network, Training supply chain management


Executive overview

The target audience for the Enterprise Study Network (ESN) are training buyers. Companies large and small that buy training from external suppliers.

To start off let’s try and define the ESN in 6 bullets:

  • Training supply chain management
  • Control
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Marketplace
  • Reporting
  • Internal training administration

If you are still interested, read on and I will define each feature.

Training supply chain management

Let’s suppose that you buy training from external suppliers. You do this using a training administration team. Training requests from the company come in one door and your team uses the phones, a stack of catalogues and the Internet to source training for those requests. What would ESN do for you?

ESN combines the training catalogues, both dates and courses, from your preferred suppliers into one personalised database for you to search. We can keep this database accurate because we have gone to the trouble of working directly with the training providers. They provide us with data feeds directly from their own databases.

When we configure your account, we ensure that your discount structures with your preferred suppliers are in the database – the prices you see are the prices you pay. All the calculations are done for you.

All you have to do then is raise an order – in ESN – and the order is routed to the training provider.

Now you could just use ESN within your administration team to make your search, selection and ordering more efficient. However you can also have an employee self service workflow installed which allows your employees to search and request training themselves. All you need to do then is seek authorisation, enter the purchase order number and click confirm.

We can even feed attendance information back into your LMS. Attendance information direct from the training provider.

That’s enough for now…I’ll blog on the other items later…

Any questions?

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