The Enterprise Study Network, Customer Control


Executive overview

To re-cap these are the 6 ESN bullets:


When you are managing a team of people who buy training using conventional tools and technologies you have little control over where they buy from and at what price.

When you use ESN you bring control to the situation. You can decide which training partners are in your catalogue. You can even decide which individual courses are listed.

Now obviously you can’t force all training purchases to be managed through ESN unless you change your business processes (for example not authorising the training unless the request is entered in ESN). However ESN makes life so much easier than using paper based catalogues that people will naturally use it for their research anyway.

Once you have people visiting ESN to find their training you can advertise your internal (sometimes called group or onsite courses) in amongst the commercial offerings. If you’ve gone to the trouble of arranging a course just for your employees it makes sense to get as many people on it as you can. The normal problem is that they don’t know the courses are there – by combining those dates with the commercial dates you increase your fill rate.

You also have the option to remove a training provider or some of their courses from your catalogue. This gives you greater control over where your business is directed, which in turn should give you greater buying power and hopefully better quality of service.

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