The Enterprise Study Network, Plug-n-Play


Executive overview

To re-cap these are the 6 ESN bullets:


I always think it’s a bit of a let down when you switch on your flash new PC and that’s all you’ve got – a PC. There’s no content. The Internet has changed all that of course but the principle is the same, it’s the content that really makes a system.

ESN has got content. The first thing you need to do when you get ESN is decide on what the contents of your catalogue will be.

You first of all need to choose the suppliers that you want to work with.

ESNChooseSupplier, 26KB

Fig 1. Screen shot of the supplier selection screen taken on the 5th January 2005.

If you work with a supplier that is not on ESN we will work with both of you to ensure a smooth upload. The supplier selection screen also let’s you know how up to date the information is. This screen shot was taken on the 4th January 2005.

Once you have your suppliers you can select which courses to include in your catalogue. You can choose ‘Auto Include’ to automatically include their entire catalogue, automatically adding new courses as they are added.

ESNSelectCatalogue, 6KB

Fig 2. Choosing courses from a supplier catalogue

That’s it. You can now do a course search

ESNCourseSearch, 10KB

Fig 3. The completed course search

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