The Enterprise Study Network, Marketplace


Executive overview

To re-cap these are the 6 ESN bullets:


I was initially reluctant to use the term marketplace as it conjours up all sorts of stereotypes that I don’t want to associate with ESN (buying purely on a price basis being one). 

So in what way is ESN like a marketplace?

  • ESN makes it easy to browse and select new suppliers
  • For vendor courses, where the training content will be the same across suppliers (The Microsoft Official Curriculum is a good example of this) you can combine their dates into one national schedule. This also allows you to directly compare prices – though this is not a good idea as with training courses you generally do get what you pay for. We call this technology AutoMerge. You can see a screen shot below.

ESNAutoMerge, 32K

Fig 1. A combined schedule from two training suppliers for the Microsoft course 2153.

The other side of the coin there are no facilities for setting up auctions or competitive bidding. Our philosophy is to make ESN a collaborative platform for buyers and sellers – not a competitive one.

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