Blended Learning and other updates


It’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry – we’ve been busy releasing new code and bringing on new clients, briefly:

  • We’ve added a DIY reporting tool for evaluation forms in addition to the standard reports. The standard reports are good for browsing, the DIY tool for analysis.
  • We’ve been evaluating SQL 2005 – some very interesting tools in here.
  • We’ve been busy adding new clients which means quite a bit of bespoke development work.
  • We’ve added an email reminder architecture which we use to remind delegates of bookings and to fill in their evaluation forms (the online versions of course).
  • Emailed joining instructions can now include vCal attachments so that your training course can be added to your Outlook calendar.
  • Blended Learning and Training programmes! There are two parts to this feature. First of all you can define training programmes – groups of courses taken as a whole. For example a graduate programme. Secondly we’ve added an integration link to SkillPort. This enables you to add eLearning to your catalogues alongside your internal classroom training and your external training suppliers. More importantly you can also add the eLearning content to your programmes.

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