Will the iPhone be too complex?

Inspired by Robert Scoble’s experience with the Nokia N95 I ordered mine yesterday.

The better iPhone: Nokia N95? « Scobleizer.

The conversation that I had with O2 was quite interesting, he had an obvious script. He said:

“We’ve had a lot of returns for this phone, people find it too complex…” etc.

I found his odd as the Nokia is supposed to be pretty good, but then it does have a lot of features. I wonder if the iPhone will fall into this trap?

Your standard Nokia is a very simple device, dial the number, press green, press red to stop…

O2’s web site is not great, maybe if they added some more detail they would save pain later!

He also went on to explain (without prompting) that the GPS software had to be bought from Nokia, a great business idea by Nokia, but obviously another point of pain for O2.

Again no mention of this on the O2 site, but I had seen this described elsewhere so it wasn’t an issue.

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