Berkhampstead School are loving iPads in the classroom

Berkhampstead School have introduced iPads into the classroom and they appear to be a roaring success, this is a quote from the newsletter:

We have been really excited by the introduction of iPads in the classroom this term. It is certainly a quicker and cheaper alternative to a room full of computers but most importantly they can be used to work alongside our traditional teaching methods. The iPads can be used as a quick warm up in maths, as a word processing tool in English in addition to an accessible dictionary and an Internet reference tool in the humanities. They have been priceless in our creative curriculum for taking and editing photographs and creating music compositions. They are easy to print from and to store work and more importantly very easy to restore if they go wrong!

Many parents have asked for recommendations of apps which have been influential in the classroom. Our current top eight in the Prep are:
Comic Life
Brain Challenge


The iPads have been enormously successful and the children love them; they seem to have no difficulty learning how to use them and they are a great educational asset.

Great stuff!

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